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Membership Management System for Livery Companies
and Associated Charities

Our Membership Management System (MMS) has been specifically designed for livery companies and associated charities. It contains everything that is needed to manage members, events and groups.

The MMS also includes a members' area which can be attached to a new or existing website.



Highlighted Features


Member and staff records can be easily created, searched, updated and deleted.

Information is grouped into related areas such as personal information and contact details.

Historical data such as event attendance and past payments is saved.

An example Member Management page


The Membership section appears within each members record allowing you to view and edit information such as membership type (e.g. Liveryman, Freeman), sponsors and historical data such as progression through the company.

The system has been built specifically for livery companies so incorporates features such as tallage management which can be enabled or disabled as required.

An example Membership Management page


Suitable for all event types such as dinners or company outings.

Multiple booking options can be created so planners can set different prices and/or limit places for each member level.

Events can be published to the Members' Area allowing members to book themselves and their guests onto events from their computers or mobile devices.

Events can also be exported to external table planning software such as PlacePlanner 2000.

An example Event Management page
An example Advanced Search page


An advanced wine management module has been developed with input from several livery companies. It allows company staff to manage stock levels in multiple locations and assign wines to events.

An example Wine Management page


Groups and committees can be created and managed within the MMS. Members of these groups can be...

  • Added and removed over time, with historical information preserved.
  • Used as recipients for group emails.
  • Given access to otherwise unavailable content in the Members' Area.
  • Used to create booking options in the events section.
An example Group and Committee Management page


The MMS includes a Members' Area which can be attached to either a new or existing website.

An example of the members area
Member Benefits
  • Events Calendar - to find and read about upcoming events, including other attendees.
  • Event Booking - with payment processing where applicable.
  • Latest News – a place for members to keep up to date with the latest company news.
  • Galleries – photos of recent events and company outings.
  • Resources – a place for members to find and download company documentation.
  • Member Lookup - to find information about other members, such as contact details. Members have the ability to control what information they share with others.

The Members' area is controlled by company staff. Content is only visible to logged-in members.


  • Lots of customisation options, because no two livery companies are identical.
  • Emails can be created, sent and logged from within the MMS to individuals, groups, event attendees or just about any set of members found via the search feature.
  • Specialist email services are utilised to minimise the chance of sent email being seen as spam.
  • We can import members and related data from existing databases and/or spreadsheets directly into the MMS.
  • The system is browser based so can be accessed from any computer at any time.
  • No additional software is required.
  • New features are regularly added, these do not usually incur further costs.


The MMS is a system by ASAP Computer Services, developed in conjunction with The Ironmongers Company, The Barbers Company and The Shipwrights Company.

We have had close working relationships with livery companies for over 15 years, the MMS has been improved and refined over more than a decade.


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